Special Offers


First timers who sign up with Borderline Bikes will receive 50% off any installed parts and/or accessories along with 50% off initial service labor rate!

*Limited to one single repair/service appointment per new customer, cannot be combined with any other offer


Borderline Important Person

Repeat offenders that enroll in our no cost BIP program will receive limited edition merchandise and incentives on the regular throughout the year. Most importantly, bragging rights in the club...

*Can be combined with other offers (known or unannounced), since, well, you're important


Roll for less

Register with Borderline Bikes and all we will waive standard shipping rates on your first purchase of any in stock parts & accessories online!

*Does not apply towards bicycles, cannot be combined with any other offer


Gang bang

That pile of bikes in your garage can cost you much less when you schedule service en masse. Group discounts get quite frisky past bike number three and gain serious momentum beyond a ten bike repair/service call.

Three will knock 10% off of your total bill!

Six will get you a 20% discount!!

Nine will get you 30%!!!

*Discount applies towards multiple repair/service scheduled during one single appointment. This special does not consider accumulative/successive appointments or multiple visits and cannot be combined with any other offer.